A Message from Ivanka Petrović Our Friend and Local Guide in Medjugorje

At this difficult time in our country, we have faith and find comfort in God and Our Blessed Mother. It is difficult for everyone but is most difficult for the hundreds who are infected. Schools are closed, with no kids in the streets. It’s like life has stopped, but real life is happening indoors. What the virus has done to us. We went through the war in our country. Many say it was easier during the war. The people knew where the enemy was. Now, no one is sure where it is hidden. But there are some good things that are happening. Families are at home. No one is in a hurry. There is time for family meetings, lunch together, family prayer, time to reflect and return to God. Masses are on TV. We appreciate, now more than ever before, our churches, our priests, our sacraments, our friends, our daily food, our homemade bread, our homes where we find shelter. There is no time for fear, doubts, desperation, or negative thoughts. Our Lady brings us hope. As you know, Mirjana won’t have the apparition on the 2nd of the month anymore. It doesn’t mean that Our Lady left us, abandoned us. All these years she has been teaching us to stay with Jesus. If we are with Jesus, there is no fear. Stay well and healthy! Use this time to get to know Jesus better. Use the time for your family prayer! One day, all of this will be behind us and we will go back to St. James, to Apparition Hill and Cross Mountain. We will be waiting for you!
God bless you all.
Your Medjugorje friends,
Ivanka and Zeljko