Our hostess Ivanka was wonderful.  From Split all the way to Medjugorje she taught us some history, which made it easy to understand why the Lord God let the Queen of Heaven come there, and to those children.  Ivanka is a very devout prayerful person.  I enjoyed her energy and cuteness immensely.

I had the most wonderful confession with a French priest, he had a very strange glow in his very blue eyes–and his manner with me was so loving that I was able to confess two very dark and shameful sins that I felt I needed to be specific about, and to be absolved of. This is like a miracle in itself, as I was so very ashamed of these two sins that I had NEVER laid them out bare like that in the confessional.  I just lived with them in the back of my heart and mind where they were poisoning my self-love and crippling my ability to learn about the necessity of forgiving myself.  These sins are cast back into the pit of hell where they originated from, and Satan can’t accuse me, can’t tear me down, can’t make me try to feel unworthy, he is silenced forever on this.

Since returning home, I have been to mass several times already–which is not my norm.  I have a desire to go once a week at least…more would be better.  In the past I would just “hit and miss” mass.  I have a desire to pray the rosary and my chaplet every day.  I pray for souls in purgatory, and I feel wonderful that I am being loving to Our Lady and the Lord, by trying to do what they ask.  I have been called to forgive several people, and I have been asked to forgive myself.  I feel much more sensitive about crassness and rough talk, I no longer think certain things are funny.  Many things are changing with me, and I continue to miss Medjugorje – I missed it almost immediately after I left there.  I would love to be there always.

Jeff [pilgrimage coordinator] was wonderful, he is a great guy!!  He would notice I was alone most of the time, and he asked me to come sit with him at mass, like a wonderful big brother!

I adore all of the pilgrims in our group!  Thank you Lord for letting me know them!!

I want to return as soon as possible!                  Mary S.