Center for Peace West

To bring people closer to Jesus by promoting the message of Our Lady of Medjugorje.
To accomplish our mission we...
  • offer pilgrimages to Medjugorje, which have a life-changing spiritual impact on pilgrims.
  • offer a focus on Our Lady’s message to return to God through:
    1. Prayer from the Heart, especially The Rosary.
    2. Fasting, particularly on Wednesday and Friday.
    3. Daily Bible Reading.
    4. Attending Holy Mass and receiving the Eucharist.
    5. Monthly Confession.
  • distribute Our Lady’s monthly message to the world via our website, Facebook, and newsletter.
  • offer Medjugorje presentations for any size group.
  • provide books, audiotapes and CDs, rosaries, chaplets, and other Medjugorje related items at our Beaverton, Oregon gift shop.
  • sponsor an annual Peace Mass around June 25th, celebrating the anniversary of the first apparitions in Medjugorje.
Since its inception in 1987, Center for Peace West has:
  • We have conducted Medjugorje Pilgrimages for many years. Our experienced coordinators, Medjugorje guides and priests as spiritual directors all work toward making our pilgrimages as spiritually rewarding as possible. In March 2000, thanks to a “Guardian Angel”, we were able to have a special pilgrimage for 11 priests and one seminarian.
  • We have also been very successful in providing Bosnian refugee aid, particularly during the height of the war years.
  • We have had numerous conferences and other significant gatherings featuring some of the most prominent religious and lay people connected with Medjugorje and to the Catholic faith in general. Guest speakers have included four Medjugorje priests–Frs. Jozo, Svet, Branimir, visionaries Mirjana and Ivan, Bishop Steiner, Frs. Pacwa, Kosicki, and other nationally known speakers.

We must persevere because Our Lady told us in her August 25, 2000 message “I desire to thank you and to inspire you to work even more for God and His Kingdom.” We hope to continue our work to reach out to unbelievers… "those who do not know the love of God… yet." We must persevere because souls are at stake and we believe Center for Peace West has been and can continue to effectively spread Our Lady’s messages, to bringing people closer to Jesus.

You Can Help Us in 3 Ways
  1. Prayer — We ask for your prayers for the success of Center for Peace West. Through prayer, we all can help Our Lady fulfill her intentions.
  2. Volunteer time — We often need volunteers! Reach out to see how you can help.
  3. Financial Assistance — Your tax-deductible contributions help us evangelize, help fund our newsletter (printing / mailing), provide scholarships to those in need of assistance to visit Medjugorje, and fund creating free material to those interested in learning about Medjugorje.

We are a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization.

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