2024 Divine Mercy

Medjugorje April 2024

On June 24th, 1981, 2 girls (15 & 16 years old) claimed to have seen Our Lady on a hillside. The next day, they returned with other villagers and 6 children began having daily apparitions (read more here). Apparitions of Mary in Medjugorje are alleged to continue even today! Medjugorje has become a miraculous site where people from all over the world come together, find the "love of God," and leave filled with peace.

In April 2024, we will explore Medjugorje with Fr. John Marshall and Fr. Simham. Is Our Lady calling you to join us? We will stay in 2 houses in Medjugorje, each with one of these 2 great spiritual directors. We will celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday, and explore Medjugorje and surrounding areas. Fr. John Marshall of St. John the Baptist, Milwaukie, OR will be returning for his 3rd visit in just over 1 year. You can watch the video below of Fr. John talk about Medjugorje when he was there in March, 2023. Fr. Simham is from Pedharikatla, India where Bishop Moses asked him to start an orphanage and school for kids that have nowhere else to go. He started a parish where he not only spreads the Good News, but also helps the community by teaching skills (such as sowing to widows, and basic computer skills). Fr. Simham also served in Aberdeen, WA a couple of years ago, so many of you already know him!

Pilgrimage Plan


April 1st - April 12th, 2024 (dates may shift slightly, but we will depart no earlier than April 1st, and return no later than April 14th). Early April is just before Medjugorje's busy season. It can be particularly prayerful this time of year, and at times it may feel like we have this piece of heaven to ourselves.


One of the houses will be with Dragan (Ivan's brother) and Haunita. This beautiful home is in a great location near the blue cross, visionaries, and apparition hill. It is an easy walk to St. James, Cross Mountain and other popular locations in Medjugorje, too. Each of their 28 guest rooms are very clean, and have their own bathroom & shower. The pansion also has a large dining room where we'll share 2 meals per day. The other house will be nearby and details are still being determined, but it will have very similar accommodations.


A professional local guide will provide us access to a wealth of information about all Medjugorje has to offer. Our guide also enables access to talks with the visionaries (when available), access to the orphanages, "The Castle," and to other sites that are not be easily accessible without a guide. While our guide will be available most days, you are also encouraged to spend time on your own too, this is an important part of a Medjugorje pilgrimage.


We are volunteer run, so cost will be kept to a minimum. The cost will be airfare + the ground costs for the pilgrimage. Airfare prices have been volatile lately with fuel prices, but I expect to get airfare for less than $1300. The rest of the trip will cost around $700, double occupancy, per person. This estimate includes: lodging, food (2 meals per day in Medjugorje), ground transportation, licensed local guide. It does NOT include trip insurance (recommended insurance: Safe Travels Voyager).

Questions? Call Ken @ 360-852-1088 (or email: kenapaulsen@gmail.com)

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