2023 St Patrick

St Patrick Pilgrimage -- August 2023

On June 24th, 1981, 2 girls (15 & 16 years old) claimed to have seen Our Lady on a hillside. The next day, they returned with other villagers and 6 children began having daily apparitions (read more here). Apparitions of Mary in Medjugorje are alleged to continue even today! Medjugorje has become a miraculous village where people from all over the world come together, find the "love of God," and leave filled with peace.

Apparition Hill

In the Summer of 2023, we will visit Medjugorje. While most will be joining from St. Patrick's Parish from Canby, OR, all are welcome. Fr. Arturo will be joining this trip and he will guide us in prayer and spiritual direction throughout the pilgrimage. We will learn about the history of Medjugorje; explore the parish and surrounding area; and best of all, spend time experiencing God's love and mercy. If you are interested in joining us, we'd love to have you on this life-changing trip!

Pilgrimage Plan


We will visit in the Summer. This will be a relatively quiet and prayerful time, in which we'll feel like we have this piece of heaven to ourselves. The trip dates are August 6th - 18th.


We will be staying with Dragan (Ivan's brother) and Haunita at their Pansion. This beautiful home is in a great location near the blue cross, the visionaries, and apparition hill. It is an easy walk to St. James, Cross Mountain and other popular locations in Medjugorje, too. Each room is very clean, and has its own bathroom & shower. It also has a large dining room where we'll share 2 meals per day. Dragan and Huanita are amazing and will make you feel at home!


A professional local guide will provide us access to a wealth of information about all Medjugorje has to offer. Our guide also enables access to talks with the visionaries (when available), access to the orphanages, "The Castle," and to other sites that are not be easily accessible without a guide. While our guide will be available most days, you are also encouraged to spend time on your own too, this is an important part of a Medjugorje pilgrimage.


The estimated cost includes airfare + lodging + food (2 meals per day in Medjugorje) + ground transportation + licensed local guide. It does NOT include trip insurance (suggested: Safe Travels Voyager trip insurance).

Total Estimated Cost Per Person: $2100 (double occupancy)


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