English Form Liability Waiver form for pilgrimages (English).
Forma española Formulario de exención de responsabilidad para peregrinaciones (española).
Fr. Leon Talk Talk by Fr. Leon Pereire, the lead priest for English-speaking pilgrims to Medjugorje. Very good talk to a parish while visiting Kansas. Talks about his experiences, the church view, and the main take-aways from Medjugorje (5 stones).
Cross Mountain
(free on YouTube)
Stella Mar Film directed by Cimela Kidonakis, released Dec 2023. Once a year, young people from all over the world converge on the tiny village of Medjugorje in Bosnia-Herzegovina for a so-called Youth Fest. When a documentary film crew wanted to investigate, they held a video contest and gave away eight free trips to the site. Follow the eight winners as they scour the rugged slopes of Cross Mountain in search of something greater than themselves, in turn discovering the widespread fruits of one of the most prolific shrines in the world.
The Triumph Stella Mar's first Medjugorje Movie. Follows Ben on his trip to Medjugorje.
Apparition Hill Stella Mar Film about 7 different people who win a trip to Medjugorje and their doubts, hopes, experiences re: Medjugorje. This is the Sequal to "The Triumph", however, you don't need to watch them both or in order. I personally think this is the better of the 2 films. If you want to watch this one, you can buy online.
My Heart Will Triumph Available in print or ebook.
Book on Scientific Studies Great book titled "Scientific & Medical Studies on the Apparitions at Medjugorje". David has a book he can lend.
Mir Medjugorje
English Information Center
This is the official English Medjugorje Information Center, authorized by Fr. Danko of Medjugorje. Great site for official information and links to many other resources.
Medjugorje Information Center The Medjugorje Information Center located in Medjugorje, translated to English.
Mary TV Great email list. Live cameras. News & Info. Up-to-date St. James prayer program schedule, links to Radio Mir, other information from St. James, Medjugorje contact numbers, and more.
Sr. Emmanuel Sr. Emmanuel lives in Medjugorje - provides email messages (scroll down)  
Queen of Peace Productions Queen of Peace provides email messages (scroll down)
Marian Prayer Center Website for the Marian Prayer Center in Milwaukie, OR.
Weible Columns Wayne Weible introduced many to Medjugorje - provides email messages.
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