Passport Help

Getting a NEW Passport

The following are the steps to get a new passport (last tested Jan 7th, 2023). Please be sure to follow the instructions closely so that you have all required documents, fees, and your appointment scheduled. Also be sure to pay attention to processing times, which may require expedited serivce in some cases.
  1. Visit:
  2. Check the box next to "I have read the Privacy and Computer Fraud..." and click Submit
  3. Click Submit on the first tab, which is titled "Fill Out Online and Print"
  4. Answer all the questions. (NOTE: you only need the passport book, not the card too.)
  5. At the end:
  • Step 1: Book an appointment at USPS to turn in your paperwork.
    Do this soon, it may take time to get an appointment!
  • Step 2: Gather Documents
    • Payment
    • Passport Photos (can be taken at many USPS offices)
    • Birth Certificate (or other valid document)
    • Drivers License (or other valid photo ID)
  • Step 3: Check the box and click Print Form (it will download the PDF for you to print)
    DO NOT SIGN! -- Wait for the notary at the USPS

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