Medjugorje Spring Pilgrimage


Airline prices fluctuate often based on things like demand, sales, and how far in advance you book your ticket.  Typically booking your ticket about 2-3 months before your trip gives you the best price.  If you book further in advance, airlines have not yet discounted their fares -- if you wait too long, the good prices are likely to be gone.

This page will show example prices (from PDX).  Pay attention to when these prices were found, as well as the dates for the fares.  Also, traveling to Medjugorje is a long trip, so I ruled out many of the very long (over 24H) options, even if they were cheaper.  Coming back, however, sometimes requires a nights stay in Chicago or some other city.

One airline search site I found helpful when searching for these fares was: You may also want to use this to find the best fare for your trip (ideally 2-3 months before your departure date).  I found Split, Croatia (airport code: SPU) to have most of the best fares.  Finally, different days of the week often have different rates, as do some Holidays -- so if you're not getting a good fare and can be flexible, try a day or two earlier or later.

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