Medjugorje Spring Pilgrimage
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Spring Pilgrimage Dates

We had a very fulfilling 2019 Spring pilgrimage.  If you missed traveling with us this trip, you are welcome to join our next trip, email us! We are also happy to help plan your own trip for different dates.


2019 Pilgrimage Plan

Medjugorje is a very personal place, where you may choose to spend time alone hiking Cross Mountain, visiting the Statue of the Risen Christ, praying at St. James, going to confession, attending Mass, in adoration, or spending time with Our Lady on Apparition Hill. If you'd like to spend time with a guide to learn the most from each site, we will have a guide for this purpose during our stay (Marija Pervan). Or if you prefer to spend time alone doing this things, that's great!

April 1st: the last group of 13 people will arrive and we'll all be together. We may attend the nightly prayer program at St. James, then have dinner at Pansion Dragicevic. We may turn in early as many of the new arrivals will likely be tired and will want to sleep before the Apparition the next morning.

April 2nd: we will attend Mirjana's monthly apparition at the Blue Cross.  Often people arrive hours early, sitting on the sharp rocks in the cold while praying the rosary.  This may not sound enjoyable, but it is -- it's an amazing experience.  English Mass follows at 10am.  We'll have Marija as our guide during the day.

April 3rd - 5th: Our guide Marija will take us to the Cenacolo Community for a visit. We'll explore St. James, Cross Mountain, Apparition Hill, the statue of the Risen Christ, pray the rosary, walk the Way of the Cross, and more.  There may be opportunities to visit Mostar, the statue of Our Lady of Tihaljina, Split, and other nearby places too.

April 6th: Our last day in Medjugorje.  Our plane departs from Split airport at 10:15pm, depending on interest, we'll spend some time in Split before we leave, or stay in Medjugorje until we must leave at 6pm.

Planning Your Own Pilgrimage

If you'd like to plan your own trip, we'd be happy to help.  Contact us for recommendations and tips.  We are happy to help you find the best costs for hotels, airfare, ground transportation, etc.  Planning your own pilgrimage can be very rewarding, often more-so than traveling with a tour group.  One benefit is that you plan exactly what you want, when you want.  It usually saves you a lot of money (up to 1/2 the cost of all-inclusive tour packages).  Email us if you want advice.

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