Medjugorje Spring Pilgrimage

Ground Transportation

Share a Car

For those traveling while Ken is in Medjugorje (March 21st - April 7th), you can arrange a ride from Ken.

Drive Yourself

Ken and family driving to Medjugorje
Ken & family driving to Medjugorje
Driving in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina is very easy.  Driving is on the right-hand side of the road. Most roads are in very good condition with clear markings.  However, most rental cars are manual, so if you're not comfortable driving a stick, you may want to avoid driving yourself (or ensure you get an automatic car).  Rental prices are very reasonable, however, many of the cars are smaller than what we may be used to at home -- so make sure you rent something that will fit you AND your luggage.

I recommend checking a few travel websites for booking a car reservation, prices can vary significantly between them.  I usually start with Travelocity, and often check Budget or other car companies websites directly.


For larger groups, a bus can be arranged to take you to/from Medjugorje from/to Split.  Prices start around €150 each way.

There are also public busses that can take you from Split to Medjugorje. I have not tried this myself, but the price is reasonable, especially if you're traveling alone.

Private Car

You can hire a driver to take you to/from the airport.

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Help priests or others visit Medjugorje.

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