Letter from Sr. Emmanuel- June 15, 2000

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June 15, 2000 

Dear Children of Medjugorje, 
Praised be Jesus ! 

The Gospa always amazes us with her maternal touch when it comes to helping her children and even remolding them if they abandon themselves to her with trust. For example, Samuel, a French hairdresser, came on a pilgrimage to Medjugorje last winter and now testifies : 

" I was a homosexual. Although I had received a Catholic education as a child, I lived far from God. At 36, I was rushed to the hospital where they found out that I had AIDS. There, I remembered God, but once out of the hospital I continued for three years to look for the man of my life. However, going from disappointment to disappointment and from emptiness to emptiness, at last I understood that I was on the wrong track. I actively tried to redirect my life then towards God. He alone could give me the love for which I was desperately thirsting. I was open to conversion when a book on Medjugorje happened to fall into my hands and I discovered to my amazement that all kinds of people had found a new life there, a new hope. Though usually tears for me did not come easy, I cried my eyes out, I was so overwhelmed! 

"I decided to go to Medjugorje. There I was struck by the intense presence of Mary, my Mother, all the more since she granted me a deep inner peace. As a result I tried my best to convert my heart everyday and to keep my eyes on God. One day Jesus showed Himself to me on the Cross. From that moment on I totally changed my life. Now I am a happy man! I told Our Lady that I want to serve her and to work for her, and she often gives me signs of her presence. In my struggles, she stands by my side and teaches me how to live every situation with love. I founded a prayer group with a friend. She too is on a path of conversion. We all pray the Rosary. I am a new convert, still weak and vulnerable, but each day my heart leaps with joy: I have found my Creator and my Mother! 

"This sickness could have killed me, but God used it instead to give me life  to give me a new birth! To those who are today as I was before, let me say this: 'God exists, He is Truth!' " 

In Medjugorje it is exceptional that the pilgrims can be present at two apparitions of Mary on the same day, and this was the case on June 2nd. Pilgrims were able to join Ivan's prayer group at the Blue Cross where Mary appeared at 10 PM. 

Mirjana received her monthly apparition on the 2nd under the tent of the Cenacle at 10 AM that same morning surrounded by many pilgrims. We know that the Gospa comes on this day in order to pray with us for those who do not yet know the love of God. During the apparition, Mirjana's face was very expressive, and the conversation with the Gospa seemed to be intense. Toward the end, Mirjana opened her arms, which she doesn't usually do. Later Mirjana shared that the Gospa invited all of us "to bring the love of the Father to others. When you do that", she said, "I am with you." Then she opened her arms, and while looking at us said, "My apostles! My children!". 

The Blessed Mother had concluded her message during her March 18th, 2000 apparition to Mirjana, by telling us: "I am inviting you to be my apostles!" An apostle is a disciple sent out on a mission. It's not by chance that the Gospa formally commissioned us during a message for the first time at the beginning of the Great Jubilee: John Paul II insists that each one of us now must take to heart the new Evangelization. On June 2nd, Mirjana shared that when Mary spoke the words "my apostles," she understood them to mean: if YOU are not my apostles, who will be?! 

Let this call enter the depths of our hearts, so that we may answer not only with generosity - but with boldness! What a beautiful present to offer our Mother this June 25th in celebration of the 19th Anniversary of her coming for us to Medjugorje! 

Dearest Gospa, so far we have done so little for you, but today we say YES to being your apostles!

Sister Emmanuel


Children of Medjugorje

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Vice President: Sister Emmanuel Maillard
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