Pope John Paul II

In a series of meditations, Pope John Paul II revealed three idols that the Psalm describes as “contrary to the dignity of man and to social coexistence.” The first false god is violence which, unfortunately, humanity continues to engage in also in our blood-drenched days. This idol is accompanied by an immense procession of abominable wars, oppressions, prevarications, tortures and killings, inflicted without a trace of remorse.

The second false god is robbery, which is manifested in extortion, social injustice, usury, and political and financial corruption. Too many people cultivate the illusion of satisfying in this world their own greed.

Finally, wealth is the third idol to which the heart of man attaches itself with the deceitful hope of being able to save himself from death and assure himself prestige and power.

By serving this diabolical triad, man forgets that the idols have no consistency; what is more, they are harmful. By trusting in things and in himself, man forgets he is ‘a breath….an illusion,” he continued. If we were more aware of our perish ability and limitations as creatures, we would not choose the path of trust in idols, nor would we organize our lives on a hierarchy of fragile and inconsistent pseudo-values. We would opt, rather, for the other trust, that which is centered on the Lord, source of eternity and peace. To Him alone, in fact, power belongs; He alone is the source of grace; he alone is the author of justice.”