In the days leading up to the June 25th 39th Anniversary celebration in Medjugorje, eight local guides led us on a virtual pilgrimage to Medjugorje, praying a nine-day Novena for Peace.  Filmed by Digital Foto Video Studio ĐANI, and published by 206 Tours, Center for Peace West  shared the videos each day on our Facebook page.  Our very own guide, Ivanka Petrović, greet us on Day 1 from the place where “Heaven touches the earth.”



Day 1 – June 15 – Today begins our Novena for Peace & Virtual Pilgrimage!  Watch as our guides climb Apparition Hill, and Ivanka leads us in a prayer for peace.



Day 2- June 16 – Today our guide, Niksha, leads us in prayer for all the souls in purgatory from the Candle Place in Medjugorje.  Pray the Rosary with us!



Day 3 – June 17 – Today Franjo takes us to “guvno”, the field where locals used to thresh wheat. On August 2, 1981, Franjo and other locals were able to touch Our Lady here.  On that very day, Our Lady invited the priests to start hearing confessions on a daily basis. 



Day 4 – June 18 – Today from the Outside Altar of St. James Parish Church, Andrej leads us in prayer for young people and love.



Day 5 – June 19 – Today we visit Medjugorje’s Blue Cross as Dragan leads us in prayer for Conversion.



Day 6 – June 20 – Today we go to Tihaljina, to the church of Immaculate Conception where Slavenka leads us in prayer for the end of the pandemic and for all those who asked us to pray for them.



Day 7 – June 21 – Today we are by the Risen Christ Statue where Slavica leads us in prayer for the gift of faith.



Day 8 – June 22 – Today Ivan leads us in prayer for the sick, suffering, and for the protection of life.  Watch as our guides pray from Cross Mountain and feel as though you are alongside them.



Day 9 – June 23 – On our final day of the Novena for Peace, Fr. Svet Kraljević concludes our Novena with a reflection. Today we pray together for our Church, the Holy Father, and all Bishops and Priests.



Medjugorje Peace March Celebrating 39th Anniversary



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